Tipni, when you are happy

Express your gratitude for the quality service with the amount of your choice or find a new opportunity to earn more from your professional attitude - the choice is yours. It all happens fast, convenient, secure, contactless and personal.

What´s Tipni?

Tipni allows you to thank quickly, comfortably and personally for quality service with an amount of your choice. Instead of wondering if you have change and how to round up, sign up in no time with your preferred payment method, write a number and cheer the person who made your day with their attitude and professionalism. Save your data to make it in one click next time. The security of your payments is guaranteed by Stripe.

If you offer services, you are more than welcome in Tipni. Create an attractive profile, choose how you prefer to receive your money, and get your code that your customers can scan for faster tipping.

That's it, tip or be tipped.

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How it works?

Scan the QR code
Yes, it's that easy to enter Tipni - just ask for a business card with a QR code from the staff of your favorite establishment.
Enter an amount
Don't search for some change and don't wonder how to round off the bill - just write exactly how much you want to thank for the quality service.
Choose your preferred payment method and save it to type even faster next time.

Why Tipni?

Tipni is an innovative and accessible platform. Its goal is to raise the level of services in Bulgaria by stimulating a professional attitude, creating new habits and providing numerous advantages to different categories of users. Here are some of them:

A safe, fast, convenient and cashless way to say thank you for quality service

An innovative approach to stimulate the team and increase the quality of service

Opportunity to earn more from the services you offer

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Get a quick reward for your professionalism and attitude directly in your account.

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